welcome to birchwood school

welcome to birchwood school.

Welcome to Birchwood School

Our overarching objective is to inspire a better future for each pupil who attends the school to ensure that they have the skills and attributes to make a positive contribution and become responsible citizens. It is our goal to help each child find their own voice, develop their own talents and be confident in their ability to be an individual. We aim to celebrate each of them for what they can achieve, help them to see themselves as complete and unique and enable them to go out into the world with confidence.


We will create a bespoke package for each  young person.

Social Skills

We will provie opportunities for all children to develop their social skills.


Enjoyment is key to learning.

Head Teacher’s Welcome

At Birchwood School we put our students at the heart of everything we do.

Our aim is to inspire a better future by helping our students become responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to the world around them and to grow and develop into the very best version of themselves possible. It is our goal to help each student find their voice, develop their talents and be confident in their ability to be an individual.

We aim to provide a nurturing environment where our values underpin all we do.

Potential – supporting young people to develop and fulfil their potential.

Achievement – achieving valuable skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work.

Growth – learning about ourselves to grow emotionally

Empowerment – encouraging a young person to believe in their own abilities.

Birchwood School strives to ensure that its students leave with the strongest foundation of values upon which to build a successful life in modern Britain.

Head Teacher


Birchwood School has a great learning environment. The staff are dedicated and compassionate, and work hard to ensure that the children’s needs are met in a way that allows them to challenge themselves enabling them to learn and grow.

External Practitioner

Birchwood is a nurturing and supportive school. Their focus is to try and understand the children’s individual needs, which will help children feel safe, valued and secure. This will also reassure families their child is in a caring environment.
The staff are very welcoming to outside professionals and work together as a team. The school value therapy and liaise closely with the Art therapist. The therapist’s professional opinions and suggestions are acknowledged and taken into account, especially when working around the child. It is a pleasure working in Birchwood.

Art Therapist

Since my son has been attending Birchwood Children’s Services I have seen a massive improvement in his mental health and academic learning. He has been eager to attend every day and the staff are encouraging and supportive to the whole family.


Birchwood has a very calm and friendly atmosphere. Children are very engaged and happy in their environment and have good relationships with the staff they work with

Local Authority SEND Caseworker

Our son has never been so happy at school.

I really like the school’s approach of being person centred. My daughter is very happy and settled and as a parent that matters.

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