Science is a significant part of human culture. The teaching of science aids the development of language, logic and problem solving.

BWS 11 Science

Working Scientifically

Working scientifically allows the development of an understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science. It allows for the sharing of ideas and asking questions, planning, making observation, drawing conclusions and making evaluations.


Biology is the study of life and the natural world. Understanding how the body works allows young people to be able to look after themselves. Understanding our environment allows young people to protect the world around them.


The teaching of chemistry helps young people to understand the world around them. It can help them to make informed decisions and to help keep them safe.


Physics allows young people to understand how things work and the universe as a whole.

Spoken Language

Spoken language is developed through the teaching of science with the use of scientific vocabulary.

BWS 11 Science




Getting to grips with the basics of electric circuits; our class learned how to create circuits to operate bells. buzzers, lights and a ‘helicopter’ in various combinations.

Science Week 2021

So much fun to be had in our science week with lots of practical experiments including, blind food tasting to explore our senses, reversible and irreversible changes when making ice cream, making a rocket to explore chemical changes and exploring the changing state of material

s when constructing a tower from different household items.